Kim Meyer, Master Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master, Certified Oracle Card Reader, Crystal Reiki Master/
Teacher, Animal Reiki Master/Teacher

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Kim’s love for animals started in early childhood. Having always felt a deep bond with animals; large, small, domesticated or wild, she never hesitated to help them when they were in need of it. Wherever she went, whatever she did, there was always an opportunity for her to be of service to them.

Five years ago, Kim attended her first Animal Rights Conference where she learned that ALL animals are sentient beings. She chooses to live in the way, that ALL life deserves respect, compassion and dignity & strives to teach others by example. All this time, the Universe was leading her where she is today, an Animal Reiki Master/Teacher. Please reach out to Kim if you are interested in learning more about Animal Reiki and scheduling a session.