SPR Training

At Sawgrass Pet Resort, we know that a well-behaved dog is a delight & gives both pup & parents more freedom.

Whether your goal is socializing, teaching good manners, engaging in physical or mental exercise or bonding with your pup ~ training with command repetition is the key. This time spent together creates a connection between you & your pup and also allows them to participate in almost everything you do.

Polite Pups ~ (for pups 12 weeks to 6 months)  &  Polite Pooches ~ (for pups 6 months and older)  are group classes tailored for dogs with no previous training. Our beginners command training courses give your pet a solid foundation and understanding of basic behaviors. They cover; basic manners, impulse control, recall, sit, down, wait, stay, leave it & Emergency Recall.  Socialization with other people and dogs, a few leash skills and some problem solving will be taught as well. These 6 week courses use both hand signals & verbal cues and both pup and parent attend together.  Classes are on Sundays at 10am & 12pm. Class Requirements are that your pup is a registered SPR client and up to date on all required vaccines. *Weekly homework will also be assigned.

No matter what training program, you and your dog will benefit & develop an even deeper bond than you ever thought possible.

Call us to get more information on our Group Training class schedules or on In-home Private Training at (904)-834-2198.