Pineapple Mason

Nickname – Piney, PA or P, Phoebe, Tiny Alien, Ananas

Hometown – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Birthday – January 29, 2019

Job – Barketing Director for @pineappletherescuepup, Construction and Alien Scientist

Favorite hobby – Circles, organizing my toys by category

Favorite place – All-I-can-eat blueberry farm

Favorite color – Carrots

Favorite snack – Goldfish

Favorite team – Auburn Tigers

Favorite game – Laser pointer

Favorite store – Anywhere with tools (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace)

Favorite things – Cookies, tools, phone case, laser pointer, toys, peanut butter

Favorite saying – “They don’t know that we know they know that we know.” – Phoebe Buffay

Favorite show – Squirrels

Favorite trick – Parkour