SPR Training

At Sawgrass Pet Resort, we know that a well-behaved dog is a delight & gives both pup & parents more freedom.

Whether your goal is socializing, teaching good manners, engaging in physical or mental exercise or bonding with your pup ~ training with command repetition is the key. This time spent together creates a connection between you & your pup and also allows them to participate in almost everything you do.

We offer various levels of obedience training depending on what your dog needs.

*These classes use both hand signals & verbal cues as well as E-collar training.  Including, but not limited to, basic manners, impulse control, name recognition, recall, sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, Emergency recall, some leash skills along with some problem solving.

Class Requirements: All Pups are registered SPR Clients, are up to date on all vaccines & that both pup and parents attend the classes in person and complete the weekly homework assigned.

*Limited class size & availability. These classes are focused on individual team attention.

Please be prepared to commit to all sessions including any at home sessions

No matter what training program, you and your dog will benefit & develop an even deeper bond than you ever thought possible working together.

Call us to get more information on our Group Training class schedules or our In-home Private Training.

You can also schedule pull out Training and Exercise sessions add-ons while your pup is with us for Daycare, Boarding or even Drop Off Sessions.

We have a beautiful new Training & Exercise room for our SPR pups to utilize.