Tucker Wehrle

Nickname –  Tucker Boy or Tuck Tuck

Hometown –  Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Birthday –  July 2, 2018

Job –  “toll collector” at the treat jar in our home. I collect a toll every time anybody walks near my jar!

Favorite hobby –  relaxing on the patio and staring at the ocean.

Favorite place –  going down to the beach.

Favorite color –  yellow, the color of my favorite ball and my favorite stuffed “doggie”.

Favorite snack –  cubes of boiled chicken breast (it’s been rumored that I once stole 3 chicken breasts from the countertop, but nobody was able to recover the evidence!)

Favorite Team –  Michigan Wolverines, of course.  M Go Blue!

Favorite game –  stealing socks or towels, and then playing keep away!

Favorite store –  PetSmart, so I can check out all the new toys and treats, and scare the birds and hamsters.

Favorite things –  my yellow or pink super ball that I play catch with.

Favorite saying –  “Tucker, do you want to go down to the beach?”

Favorite show –  hates TV, prefers staring at the ocean.

Favorite trick –  catching a bounced ball in mid-air.